Lepidolite — an important stone that was honored by the Greeks. Her name comes from the word 'scale', relating to the uncanny talents Lepidolite has for bringing everything into alignment. This is a stone that stimulates the chakras to be beautifully aligned once more. When all your chakras are where they're meant to be, this makes way for the window of possibility to blow wide open.


Lepidolite is your soothing balm against restless negative energy, it's your anxiety calmer, your mind stiller, and your cooling pool to plunge in when feeling hot-headed and out of control. The pale colors of Lepidolite always invite you to pause for thought, so you don't dive into action before taking a breath.


The Stone of Transition, Lepidolite gracefully ushers you into a new era. It's a crown chakra cleanser, an activator of the throat, and loves to nudge your attention to your third eye. Along with its spiritual and emotional healing, the lilac light of Lepidolite can also help clear away troubles from electromagnetic pollution. It rebalances out your nervous system, can be a tonic against toxic tension, and has even been used for relief from allergies, epilepsy, and to bring a healthy healing experience for those going through the menopause or any significant change.